Perceptive Awareness Technique
with Laura Parks

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The answers are within you.

Perceptive Awareness Training is the key that unlocks the door, lifts the veil, the roadblocks, the insecurities that keep us from realizing our dreams.

We help you realize your full potential by teaching you to:       

*Tap into your intuitive knowledge

*Opening closed doors in your thinking
*Harnessing the power of your intuitive awareness to provide answers.
*Trusting your intuitive awareness.

Perceptive Awareness Technique (P.A.T.) is a unique 4th dimension technique specifically designed to help you connect with your own intuition, and provide a framework to access accurate and immediate information. 

This proven method has been taught in workshops all around the world since 2000, and successfully applied by certified practitioners from all backgrounds and positions in the community.

P.A.T. Students Are:

  • More productive and positive in business and personal decision making
  • Skilled in correct use of breath for accessing intuition
  • Able to use the intuition to interpret dream symbols
  • Able to expand higher consciousness of self
  • Taught a meditative procedure for rapid relaxation
  • Able to quickly focus and concentrate for greater accuracy
  • Able access higher sense perception to improve self and personal relationships

This P.A.T. training is a 3 day live, multi-media intensive, providing each participant with workbook, CD's, video instruction with P.A.T. founder, Connie Newton, and individualized hands-on practice with P.A.T. Instructor Laura Parks and your fellow classmates.  Check out our Upcoming Class Dates!

One PAT Student says:
"For a long time I felt there was and is more to this world and life. Vestiges of a childlike understanding it hinged I suppose on more an innate understanding or awareness of things that, in many cases has been driven from us as we grew older by friends, family, society as a whole, formalized education or the complexity of our own lives. What ever that reason is, the Perceptive Awareness Technique (PAT) offers a way to reconnect with that innate understanding or awareness.  It is still there and can be strengthened and reawakened. It is a journey that starts with the PAT class and then unfolds for each individual in its own deep and meaningful ways.  

This will sound cliche BUT, it is literally life changing as you practice and learn about yourself, others and the world and Life.  I highly recommend The PAT class and offer that with Laura Parks as your teacher that the entire class will be easy to follow and understand. Her patience and ability to teach the material is outstanding.  So, what are You waiting for?  Come on and make the Jump!"
-Kurt Specht, Baltimore, Maryland